2–5 February 2021


Thematic Discussions

Metaphors of service


Presenting Author(s): Stefan Holmlid and Ana Kustrak Korper
04 February 2021

In our daily language, as well as the scientific language, about service, there are a set of dominant metaphors used. Metaphors are powerful structures that directs our thinking, what we understand as possible, as well as establishes power initiatives. In this panel we dissect some of the dominant metaphors, and explore other possible, and maybe improbable, metaphors. In doing so, we wish to contribute to a critical perspective on the metaphors we design by. The panel-talks will be a fairly well prepared, so the dissections are not done on the fly, and the choice of alternative metaphors will also be done beforehand. Hopefully the dissections, and the alternatives can be supported with a bit of design work.

Chaired by Stefan Holmlid and Ana Kustrak Korper

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Zhipeng Duan
Zhipeng Duan
Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Duan Zhipeng is a PhD candidate in the Institute of Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in Norway. Duan’s research focuses on the relationship between service design and culture. His PhD study investigates how an emerging conception of cultural plurality can be used in order both to offer a more inclusive and respectful narrative of the complexity of culture and to reimagine the boundaries of service design in plurality. Duan’s practice is particularly entangled with the transformation of healthcare in both Norway and China, to enhance the capability of service design confronting the complexity of culture in the system of healthcare.

Shu Hongming
Shu Hongming
Politecnico di Milano

Graduated in Product and Service System Design, her doctoral research deals with performative strategies and social cohesion in the experience of cultural services ("Cultural Performative Service Design for Museum"), with a focus on the integration of cultural performance theory in the framework for the design of services and its application in museums to facilitate intercultural cohesion.

Priyanka Rajwade
Priyanka Rajwade
RMIT University

Priyanka Rajwade is a multi-disciplinary designer from Mumbai with over 10 years of experience in advertising, user experience and interface design. Through her experience in advertising, she brings a unique blend of design thinking, customer engagement and business orientation to her practice.
She is passionate about creating delightful customer experiences both online and offline by integrating inter-disciplinary methodologies through a collaborative working style. She enjoys experimentation in everyday work processes and believes in challenging the status quo through iterative questioning. Her interests lie in bringing creative solutions that balance business goals with environmental sustainability.
Priyanka is currently finishing her final semester of the Master of Design Futures program (2020) at RMIT University. Through her research she is exploring how apparel brands could leverage rewards to mould consumer behaviours towards choosing sustainable fashion.

Ana Kustrak Korper
Ana Kustrak Korper
Linköping University

Ana Kustrak Korper is a PhD candidate at the Linköping University, Sweden. She was an early-stage researcher at the EU fellowship Service design for innovation network (SDIN), part of Marie Curie Innovative Training Programme, starting her PhD at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto in Portugal and continuing it at the Linköping University. Her educational background is in business and management, and musicology. Her research focuses on service design as an innovation practice especially in technology-driven organizations.

Beatrice Luna
Beatrice Luna
Tondo Community Initiative

Bea is a service designer and product manager based in the Philippines. She's designed, built, and introduced
new service models to non-profit, healthcare, health tech, and education organizations in the Philippines and Australia. Through her work, she's applied and adapted service design principles to the context of a developing country in order to improve the state
of equality and empowerment around her. She spends half her time trying to understand the world through numbers, stories, and rules that ought to be written and rewritten. The other half, she spends getting her hands dirty working with tech, people, and budgets
to breathe life into ideas - learning from trial and error, the nth time.

Andy Polaine
Andy Polaine
Service Design & Innovation Consultant

Dr. Andy Polaine is a designer, educator, coach and writer who helps clients build and grow their own design and innovation capability, transform their organisations and themselves. For several years he worked at Fjord where he was global Group Design Director of Client Evolution. He is co-author of the Rosenfeld Media book, Service Design: From Insight to Implementation, now a standard text for Service Design. Andy has nearly three decades of experience in design and innovation with clients across a range of industries, including financial services, public services, life sciences, telecommunications, automotive, media, design and education. He holds a PhD from the University of Technology, Sydney. He can be found online at polaine.com, on Twitter as @apolaine. He writes a popular newsletter called Doctor’s Note and hosts the Power of Ten podcast.