2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

Human Centred Design and ancient Hindu philosophy in the context of embracing diversity and building coherent working environments


Presenting Author(s): Priyanka Rajwade
03 February 2021

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This is an on-going study which aims to explore the correlation between Human Centred Design (HCD) and Hindu philosophy and how it can be leveraged to create a more inclusive design practice by blending philosophy with contemporary design contexts and methodologies.

The social construct in India dictates that design that comes out of the West is a benchmark for excellence and I had followed this golden rule without realising that designs are meant for people and that their goals, emotions, challenges and aspirations change as per their contexts. As a designer, it is crucial to develop an understanding of how humans perceive the world, in what context and the relation between emotions and cognition, especially while designing for a larger world audience. The principles of HCD have a strong connection with learnings from ancient Hindu philosophy. This study intends to understand how we might take inspiration from ancient philosophy and embrace diversity to build coherent working environments.

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Priyanka Rajwade
Priyanka Rajwade
RMIT University

Priyanka Rajwade is a multi-disciplinary designer from Mumbai with over 10 years of experience in advertising, user experience and interface design. Through her experience in advertising, she brings a unique blend of design thinking, customer engagement and business orientation to her practice.
She is passionate about creating delightful customer experiences both online and offline by integrating inter-disciplinary methodologies through a collaborative working style. She enjoys experimentation in everyday work processes and believes in challenging the status quo through iterative questioning. Her interests lie in bringing creative solutions that balance business goals with environmental sustainability.
Priyanka is currently finishing her final semester of the Master of Design Futures program (2020) at RMIT University. Through her research she is exploring how apparel brands could leverage rewards to mould consumer behaviours towards choosing sustainable fashion.