2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

Service Design in the Philippines: Tensions in Human-Centred Design and humane design


Presenting Author(s): Beatrice Luna
03 February 2021

Please be aware that multiple presentations will take place during this session commencing at 05:15PM AEDT and share the same zoom link. Check how presentations are clustered in the program spreadsheet when adding the calendar.

Services are the largest contributor to the Philippines’ economy, prompting the necessity of exploring what service design might contribute to the country. This paper seeks to explore what service design means in a country like the Philippines, where business interests, customer demands, and working conditions of service staff rarely intersect as a result of imbalanced power dynamics. It presents practice notes detailing the tensions between desirability as a function of satisfying user wants and needs and as a function of large scale societal impact, and proposes a way forward through designing with compassion.

Europe (CET): 3rd February 2021 7:15 am to 8:15 am

US (EST): 3rd February 2021 1:15 am to 2:15 am

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Beatrice Luna
Beatrice Luna
Tondo Community Initiative

Bea is a service designer and product manager based in the Philippines. She's designed, built, and introduced
new service models to non-profit, healthcare, health tech, and education organizations in the Philippines and Australia. Through her work, she's applied and adapted service design principles to the context of a developing country in order to improve the state
of equality and empowerment around her. She spends half her time trying to understand the world through numbers, stories, and rules that ought to be written and rewritten. The other half, she spends getting her hands dirty working with tech, people, and budgets
to breathe life into ideas - learning from trial and error, the nth time.