2–5 February 2021


Thematic Discussions

Ethics and interpersonal relationships


Presenting Author(s): Carla Cipolla and Aguinaldo dos Santos
04 February 2021

This panel discussion explores how service designers deal with interpersonal values, such as trust, intimacy, respect; how these values - implicitly or explicitly - inform the way services are designed; how designers can potentiate or hinder these values and the consequences of these practices.

Chaired by Carla Cipolla and Aguinaldo dos Santos

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Miso Kim
Miso Kim
Northeastern University

Dr. Miso Kim is an assistant professor of Experience Design in the Department of Arts + Design at Northeastern University. She holds a PhD in Design, an MDes in Interaction Design, and an MDes in Communication Planning and Information Design from the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. She also holds a BS in Architecture from Sungkyunkwan University in Korea.

Marcella Lomba
Marcella Lomba
Universidade Federal do Paraná

MSc in Design at UFPR - Design & Sustainability Research Center (2020) with research on Service Design, Digital Technologies, Design for Sustainability and Food Design, aimed at expanding transparency in digital services. Holds a specialization in User-Centered Design at Universidade Positivo (2013) and a BA in Computer Engineering at PUC-Campinas (2006). Has 15 years of professional experience, with work related to user experience, service design and design management in design and innovation consultancies, digital agencies, companies and startups from industries such as food, healthcare, cosmetics, telecom, finance, among others.

Carla Cipolla
Carla Cipolla
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Carla Cipolla has been involved on exploring the intersection between service design and social innovation for sustainability. She is now an associate professor at UFRJ - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro / COPPE and has been serving as coordinator of the Rio DESIS Lab at UFRJ and DESIS Network (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability). Carla has been contributing to the research activities in service design, with a particular interest on how to deal with interpersonal values in services; how these values - implicitly or explicitly - inform the way services are designed; how designers can potentiate or hinder these values and the consequences of these practices.

Barbara Szaniecki
Barbara Szaniecki
State University of Rio de Janeiro

Barbara Szaniecki is Adjunct Professor at the School of Industrial Design at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. She graduated in Visual Communication from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (1994), and obtained Master (2005) and Doctorate (2010) in Design from PUC-Rio. She is currently co-editor of the magazines Lugar Comum - media, communication and culture studies (Universidade Nômade, Rio de Janeiro) and Multitudes - revue politique, philosophique et artistique (Paris). Her research focuses on the relationship between Graphic Design (particularly the poster) and political concepts such as multitude, power, manifestation and representation and on its developments in urban spaces and on the relationships between Design, City and Citizenship.She developed postdoctoral research entitled "digital technologies and authenticity: the status of photographic image in contemporary visual language" at Esdi/UERJ and is the author of the books Aesthetics of the Multitude (2007) and Contemporary Disform and Incarnate Design: Other Possible Monsters (2014).

Luis Alt
Luis Alt
Livework São Paulo

Luis Alt has been pioneering the Service Design field in South America for over a decade.

As a founder of Livework São Paulo, the South American branch of the world's first Service Design agency, Luis has headed innovation and service design projects for organizations like Itaú Bank, Latam Airlines, Whirlpool, AB-Inbev, Petrobras, Natura, and Roche Pharmaceutical.

He created the first Design Thinking course in Latin America at ESPM, wrote the best-seller Design Thinking Brasil, and has been lecturing in postgraduate, master's, and doctorate programs in institutions such as Parsons New School (NYC), Universidad Católica (Chile), Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), and FAAP Business School.

He is a champion and regular contributor for the Service Design Network, having founded its Brazilian Chapter, being on the stage of four of its global conferences, publishing articles at Touchpoint magazine, and as part of the Service Design Award jury since 2017.

Aguinaldo dos Santos
Aguinaldo dos Santos
Paraná Federal University

Father of Lucca and Thomas and husband of Ana Lucia. Car Mechanic (SENAI/1984), Civil Engineer (UFPR/1992), MSc on Civil Engineering (UFRGS/1995), PhD on Built Environment (SALFORD/UK/1999), Pos-doctoral on Design for Sustainability (POLIMI/Italy, 2010). Head of the Design & Sustainability Research Center and Vice-coordinator of the Design Post-graduate Program at Paraná Federal University, Brazil. Holds a “Level 2 Productivity Schoolarship” from CNPq (Brazilian Funding Agency) since 2004. Member of the administrative board of the Brazilian Design Center (CBD). Member of editorial board of several journals. Publications in numbers: 53 journal papers, 12 books, 8 book chapters, 142 conference papers. Co-author of 4 patent submissions. Supervisions: 39 MSc; 5 PhDs. Native stingless bee conservationist; poet; numismatist; marathon runner.

Claudio Pinhanez
Claudio Pinhanez
IBM Research Laboratory, Brazil

Claudio Pinhanez is a scientist, a professor, and innovator. He currently leads a group of about 20 researchers at the IBM Research laboratory in Brazil focused on the development of next-generation conversational systems. Claudio got his PhD. in 1999 from the MIT Media Laboratory where he did multidisciplinary research on computer vision and narrative-based interactive spaces. Since then he has worked at IBM Research on advanced ubiquitous computing systems, service design, social media analytics and, more recently, multi-user/bot chat systems. Claudio has more than 100 articles and abstracts published in international conferences and journals, including 3 best paper awards; 4 patents awarded in US, Japan, and Europe; and tutorials at SIGGRAPH. He is a Senior Member of ACM, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and an associated editor of 3 scientific journals.