2–5 February 2021



Service transparency for sustainability in the food sector


Presenting Author(s): Marcella Lomba, Aguinaldo dos Santos
03 February 2021

The transition towards more sustainable lifestyles and business practices demands a higher level of service transparency. Transparency can be defined as the ability of a service to communicate relevant and accurate information about safety, quality and integrity, as well as information on the social, environmental and economic dimensions of consumption and production. In this thematic workshop the attendees will be presented with the main concepts and heuristics to perform a diagnosis and create solutions to enhance service transparency, with a focus on the food sector. The theory will be illustrated with worldwide case studies gathered from digital services provided within the food sector. In order to support the competence on the theme, a practical exercise will be carried out using a novel model developed specifically for the workshop.

Please Note: This workshop is available to those who have registered and received an email confirming their attendance from the workshop facilitators. We apologise that we cannot accommodate additional participants.

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Aguinaldo dos Santos
Aguinaldo dos Santos
Paraná Federal University

Father of Lucca and Thomas and husband of Ana Lucia. Car Mechanic (SENAI/1984), Civil Engineer (UFPR/1992), MSc on Civil Engineering (UFRGS/1995), PhD on Built Environment (SALFORD/UK/1999), Pos-doctoral on Design for Sustainability (POLIMI/Italy, 2010). Head of the Design & Sustainability Research Center and Vice-coordinator of the Design Post-graduate Program at Paraná Federal University, Brazil. Holds a “Level 2 Productivity Schoolarship” from CNPq (Brazilian Funding Agency) since 2004. Member of the administrative board of the Brazilian Design Center (CBD). Member of editorial board of several journals. Publications in numbers: 53 journal papers, 12 books, 8 book chapters, 142 conference papers. Co-author of 4 patent submissions. Supervisions: 39 MSc; 5 PhDs. Native stingless bee conservationist; poet; numismatist; marathon runner.

Marcella Lomba
Marcella Lomba
Universidade Federal do Paraná

MSc in Design at UFPR - Design & Sustainability Research Center (2020) with research on Service Design, Digital Technologies, Design for Sustainability and Food Design, aimed at expanding transparency in digital services. Holds a specialization in User-Centered Design at Universidade Positivo (2013) and a BA in Computer Engineering at PUC-Campinas (2006). Has 15 years of professional experience, with work related to user experience, service design and design management in design and innovation consultancies, digital agencies, companies and startups from industries such as food, healthcare, cosmetics, telecom, finance, among others.