2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

Integration of service principles into the creative process of PSS: Application in an organizational case


Presenting Author(s): Emanuela Lima Silveira, Aguinaldo dos Santos
03 February 2021

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The process of creating Product+Service Systems (PSSs) can be considered complex as it involves tangible products, typically qualitative and intangible services, integrated into a multi-actor system and variable touch points. In this regard, there is still a lack of methods and tools that adequately support the PSS’s creative process. Given this context, a theoretical survey about PSS and Service Design creativity complexity was conducted, highlighting the heuristic principles considered relevant to enhance the creativity process. Then, a case study explored the integration of heuristic principles from the Servqual scale, into the creative process of a PSS in a Brazilian multinational company. This article intended to contribute to the theme’s theoretical and practical basis, stressing the emphases and gaps in the use of heuristics for the design of PSSs in the organizational context.

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Emanuela Lima Silveria
Emanuela Lima Silveria
Federal University of Paraná, Brazil

PhD student at the Postgraduate Program in Design (PPGDesign) at the Federal University of Paraná. Master in Mechanical Engineering from the Graduate Program in Mechanical and Materials Engineering (PPGEM) at the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR) 2014/2016. Dissertation theme concentrated in the Manufacturing Engineering area, with a focus on research in Methodologies and Methods to foster Creativity and Innovation in Product Development. Graduated from the Bachelor of Design course at the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR) in 2013. Did she take a social and intercultural training course at Incisa Val d? Arno, Florence, Italy 2012/2013. She served as founder and director of Human Development at the Junior Design Company, from the Academic Department of Industrial Design at UTFPR. He received a scholarship in the Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation Scholarships PIBIC | CNPq Scholarship 2009/2011, dedicated to research and development with a focus on: Design, Culture, Interaction and Media to support Teaching and Research / Environmental Education.

Aguinaldo dos Santos
Aguinaldo dos Santos
Paraná Federal University

Father of Lucca and Thomas and husband of Ana Lucia. Car Mechanic (SENAI/1984), Civil Engineer (UFPR/1992), MSc on Civil Engineering (UFRGS/1995), PhD on Built Environment (SALFORD/UK/1999), Pos-doctoral on Design for Sustainability (POLIMI/Italy, 2010). Head of the Design & Sustainability Research Center and Vice-coordinator of the Design Post-graduate Program at Paraná Federal University, Brazil. Holds a “Level 2 Productivity Schoolarship” from CNPq (Brazilian Funding Agency) since 2004. Member of the administrative board of the Brazilian Design Center (CBD). Member of editorial board of several journals. Publications in numbers: 53 journal papers, 12 books, 8 book chapters, 142 conference papers. Co-author of 4 patent submissions. Supervisions: 39 MSc; 5 PhDs. Native stingless bee conservationist; poet; numismatist; marathon runner.