2–5 February 2021


Special Event

Plenary session: So what for Service Design field, industry, government, research and education?


Presenting Author(s): Cameron Tonkwinwise and Yoko Akama
05 February 2021

What have we learnt from the diversity of presentations and discussions of ServDes.2020? This plenary session addresses 'so what' for the field, industry, research and education of service design to examine what the conference indicates for these sectors. The panelists are special guests who are highly regarded in their area of work with businesses, governments and public institutions.

Co-Chaired by Cameron Tonkwinwise and Yoko Akama

Panelists Tristan Schultz, Lauren Tan, Ash Alluri, Dan Hill

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Tristan Schultz
Tristan Schultz
Relative Creative

Tristan Schultz is a descendant of the Gamilaroi people along with an eclectic mix of European genealogies. He is an interdisciplinary designer, strategist and researcher with a B.Design, M. Design Futures with Honours and a PhD in Design. His work intersects foresight and futures thinking, decolonial thinking, strategic design, mapping, Indigenous Knowledge, arts and culture and sustainability. He is affiliated with multiple universities and is Founder and Co-Director of a Jellurgal (Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast) strategic design agency Relative Creative, that focuses on designing communication, strategies, experiences and events that help people think, talk and mobilise sustainable futures. He is also one of eight international comrades in the Decolonising Design Group. Tristan has spearheaded critical design-led conversations, published, led major projects and collaborated nationally and internationally.

Lauren Tan
Lauren Tan
Specialist Director, Deloitte Consulting Australia

Lauren Tan is a Specialist Director at Deloitte Consulting Australia who leads Design for Business, a team that enables Human-Centred Design to be used to tackle complex business, government and societal challenges. She received a PhD in Design (2012) after investigating designer roles in addressing and tackling social issues. She is a published co-author of the book Design Transitions: Inspiring Stories. Global Viewpoints. How Design is Changing (2013). Lauren has presented at numerous global conferences on the topics of service design, co-design, design methodology, design education and the role of the design in social impact. She has also presented at TEDx Montreal (2010).

Ash Alluri
Ash Alluri
Principal Social Innovator at The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI)

Ash is a Principal Social Innovator at The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI). His practice is shaped by diverse experiences in domains of human computer interaction, engineering and humanitarian aid and development. At TACSI, he leads multi-disciplinary teams that help co-create better products, services and policies to influence positive social outcomes. This has led him to work in the areas of disability, social housing and child protection and care.

Dan Hill
Dan Hill
Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova

Dan Hill is Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova, the Swedish government’s innovation agency. A designer and urbanist, Dan’s previous leadership positions have produced innovative, influential projects and organisations, ranging across built environment (Arup, Future Cities Catapult), education and research (Fabrica), government and social innovation (SITRA), and media (BBC and Monocle), each one transformed positively via digital technology and a holistic approach to design. He has lived and worked in the UK, Australia, Finland and Italy.

He is a Visiting Professor at UCL Bartlett Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose in London and an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University in Melbourne and University of Technology Sydney. Dan is also one of the Mayor of London’s Design Advocates. Amidst much published work, in academic journals, books and media, he is the author of the influential book “Dark Matter & Trojan Horses: A Strategic Design Vocabulary” (Strelka Press, 2012) and since 2002 has written the groundbreaking blog, City of Sound

Cameron Tonkinwise
Cameron Tonkinwise
Head of the Design Innovation Research Centre, University of Technology Sydney

Professor Cameron Tonkinwise is an international expert in Design Studies and Transition Design and the head of the Design Innovation Research Centre at UTS. He writes and speaks extensively on the power of design to drive systems-level change to achieve more sustainable and equitable futures.

Yoko Akama
Yoko Akama
RMIT University

Yoko Akama is Associate Professor in the School of Design, RMIT University. Her practice is shaped by various Japanese philosophies of between-ness and mindfulness, to consider how plural futures can be designed together. She is a recipient of several national and international awards for collaborative work with self-determining Indigenous nations and regional communities preparing for disaster. Recent works include a co-authored book on Uncertainty and Possibility by Bloomsbury, and co-leading the Designing Social Innovation in Asia-Pacific network with Joyce Yee. She is also the co-founder of Service Design Melbourne network and active in building its community.