2–5 February 2021


Regional Panels

히치하이커를 위한 서비스디자인 안내서: 한국의 서비스 산업 고도화에서 나타나는 갈등과 모순 The Hitchhiker's Guide to Service Design: tensions and paradoxes along the maturation of service industry in South Korea


Presenting Author(s): Joon Sang Baek, Kyung Mi Lee, Nada Oh, Ban Young-Hwan, Kim Sung-Woo, Eun Yu
03 February 2021
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In South Korea, the growth of service design industry driven by the government has resulted in the oversupply of designers, reduced prices for their works, downgraded design qualities, and consequently a scepticism towards service design. There are also tensions between ‘service’ and ‘servitude’ when customer satisfaction is over-emphasised, causing undue stress and emotional labour for staff. In the discussion, the Korean panellists will introduce the paradoxes and tensions observed along with the maturation of service industry in South Korea and invite the audience to share their own experiences of addressing them. The panel consists of experts in service design research – Kyung Mi Lee (Cyphics), Nada Oh (Tangino Group), Ban Young-Hwan and Kim Sung-Woo (Kookmin University), Eun Yu (Seoul National University of Science and Technology), and Joon Sang Baek (Yonsei University).

A campaign promoting the human rights of service labourers in South Korea (Image Credit: Korea Federation of Banks)

Joon Sang Baek
Joon Sang Baek
DESIS Lab, Yonsei University

Dr. Joon Sang Baek is an associate professor and director of the DESIS Lab at Yonsei University in South Korea. His research areas include design for social innovation and sustainability, service design, and nature-inspired design. He is currently interested in a sociotechnical approach to designing for relational qualities, collaborative services for the elderly one-person households, and social biomimicry.

Sung-Woo Kim
Sung-Woo Kim
Interaction Design Lab, Kookmin University

As a seeker of experience design pursuing "philosophy beyond technology," Professor Sung Woo Kimʼs research interests lies in somewhere among the three themes 1) design for humane technology 2) design for society and 3) design for unity. Areas that particularly interests Professor Kim are, but not limited to, social innovative design, design for government, public service design, QOLT (Quality of Life Technology), etc; just about any UX or service design that challenge wicked social problems to improve life quality and democracy. For instance, ‘Design for Unityʼ is a new research domain he has been developing since 2015, which focuses on how design can contribute to bring peace between South and North Korea and ultimately realize reunification of Korea. He is currently a professor for the Department of Experience Design in the Graduate School of Techno Design at Kookmin University located in South Korea. At school, he runs ‘Future Experience Design Lab,ʼ which focuses on bringing ‘better futureʼ through the blending of technology and design based on designʼs social responsibility.

Young-Hwan Pan
Young-Hwan Pan
Interaction Design Lab, Kookmin University and president of Korean Service Design Council

Prof, Dr, PAN is charge of interaction design lab in Kookmin University and president of Korean Service Design Council. He is a also vice dean of Graduate School of Techno Design in Kookmin University. He published more than 200 journal papers and proceeding papers and got more than 30 patents in this area. He also worked with many companies (Samsung Electronics, LG, KT, SKT, Midea, etc and many start-up companies etc) and government organizations in UX design and service design areas. He was also a visiting professor Tsinghua University and a director in China UX Organization. His Interesting topics are Experience Strategy, Design Transformation, Service Design Frameworks, Design for Health, City UX Design and Media Experience Design.

Eun Yu
Eun Yu
Assistant Professor, Department of Design, College of Art and Design, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea

Eun Yu is an assistant professor of the department of design at Seoul National University of Science and Technology in South Korea. She holds a BFA and a MFA in visual communication design from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. She also holds a PhD in design from Lancaster University, United Kingdom. She is interested in how multidisciplinary service design perspectives and theories may contribute to designers’ practices. She also focuses on how designers’ service design perspective and approach may enrich multidisciplinary service design. She has published her papers in multidisciplinary journals including Journal of Service Research, Design Studies, and Design Journal. Before entering academia, she had been working as a service design practitioner at Ahn Graphics and NCsoft in South Korea.

Kyung Mi Lee
Kyung Mi Lee

CEO Kyung-mi Lee, a graduate of Hong-ik University’s design department, has worked at Hyundai Motor Company and LG Electronics for 15 years. Currently, she is the CEO of CYPHICS, a consulting company that creates Design Driven Innovation, and is a Value Creator.

By discovering the customers needs, even the ones that they didn't realized before, she provides creative solutions by visualizing the values ​​with the right insight. As a result, she is design consulting to create new rules of competition and winning strategies for company.

She is experienced in solving problems and creating values in various fields of business and society as she carries out Hyundai Motor Company's 2025 future scenario project that embodies Smart City and Smart Mobility every year, and has successfully done projects such as Incheon Airport Service Design, Samsung Seoul Hospital’s Health Medical Center and Emergency Room Service Design Consulting, Mickey Mouse M-Player strategy and design, CPR service design, National Health Insurance Service’s medical report service design, and aging community design.

Nado Oh
Nado Oh
CEO Tangino Group LTD

She has extensive familiarity with the evolutions of User Experience and Service Design, drawn from over twenty years experience in public services, industry, and consultancy. She is passionate about designing with a broader view and an eye on responsibility to the role design plays in creating better futures for everyone. In recent years her work has focused on a variety of government projects, such as “Design of a Healthcare System for North Korean Defectors”, “Design of Participation Policy with Children for Child Social Welfare”, et cetera. “I am excited to see what will be our next subject and what we can do, as service designers, for society.” - Nado Oh

 The staff you are talking to is someone else's daughter. It shows two women, one on the left wearing a suit saying 'hello sir', and the same woman on the right in t-shirt saying ''hi dad'. This campaign was used to promote the human rights of service labourers in South Korea. Image Credit: Korea Federation of Banks