2–5 February 2021


Kyung Mi Lee

CEO Kyung-mi Lee, a graduate of Hong-ik University’s design department, has worked at Hyundai Motor Company and LG Electronics for 15 years. Currently, she is the CEO of CYPHICS, a consulting company that creates Design Driven Innovation, and is a Value Creator. By discovering the customers needs, even the ones that they didn't realized before, she provides creative solutions by visualizing the values ​​with the right insight. As a result, she is design consulting to create new rules of competition and winning strategies for company. She is experienced in solving problems and creating values in various fields of business and society as she carries out Hyundai Motor Company's 2025 future scenario project that embodies Smart City and Smart Mobility every year, and has successfully done projects such as Incheon Airport Service Design, Samsung Seoul Hospital’s Health Medical Center and Emergency Room Service Design Consulting, Mickey Mouse M-Player strategy and design, CPR service design, National Health Insurance Service’s medical report service design, and aging community design.