2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

Overarching servitization processes in industrial manufacturing – a scoping review


Presenting Author(s): Bart Bluemink, Lianne Simonse, Sicco Santema, Odeke Lenior
05 February 2021
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This paper summarises servitization research concerning product-service system design processes in the manufacturing industry, considering the overarching value chain. We used a methodological scoping framework to create a systematic overview of scientific papers in the context of the B2B manufacturing industry.

We identified five main topics: business models, organisational aspects, value creation, collaborative networks, and servitization strategies. Moreover, servitization research appeared to be concentrated in Europe, in particular in the United Kingdom and Nordic countries. We found only one paper that met all our selection criteria: service design and business model design within technology-intensive manufacturing firms, collaborating in networks and addressing end-customer needs. This research gap provides a direction for a further deep dive in what we call overarching Servitization; we will focus on designing product-service systems throughout customer supply networks.

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Bart Bluemink
Bart Bluemink
Delft University of Technology

After his graduation in 1986 at the Delft University of Technology, he used to work as industrial design manager for several leading brands in the consumer business. He developed various successful product-services, and as an experienced project manager, he led many complex innovation projects to a fruitful close. In 2015 he founded DNAMX, a strategic design consultancy, helping companies developing product-service solutions into fast-changing markets. As of the curriculum 2016, he started as a part-time teacher of practice, sharing his experience of using design theories and methods in the daily practice of product-service design engineering. In 2018 he started his PhD on servitization, studying service design processes in the B2B industry.

Lianne Simonse
Lianne Simonse
Delft University of Technology

Lianne Simonse conducts a research programs on: 1. Design roadmapping and 2. Business Model Design for home healthcare at the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty of Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. Dr. Simonse has presented papers at ServDes before. Her scientific work is published in journals such as Design Issues, Journal of Product Innovation Management and Journal of Medical Internet Research, International. Based on on her comprehensive work and her industry experiences, she wrote the guidebook on Design roadmapping on which she teaches in the master program on Strategic Product Design.

Odeke Lenior
Odeke Lenior
Vanderlande Industries

Odeke Lenior is Design Strategist at Vanderlande Industries. After her Masters in Cognitive Ergonomics, graduating in human-centred design and collaboration software, she worked as a consultant and trainer for a wide variety of clients. In 2003 she started designing optimal baggage operations, workplaces and applications for London Heathrow, continuing in 2009 with design projects for several other airports as well as warehouses. In the last years, she has set up a User Experience Design group and is focussing on getting strategic, value-centred design in Vanderlande’s innovations and platform development.