2–5 February 2021


Regional Panels

ด้น : ออกแบบสไตล์ไท๊ยไทย: Improvising Design, the Thai way


Presenting Author(s): Dr Khemmiga Teerapong, Fern Suthasina Chaolertseree, Prut Chutika Udomsinn, Jett Pisate Virangkabutra
03 February 2021

ด้น : ออกแบบสไตล์ไท๊ยไทย
Services are gaining attention as an enabler of economic development in Thailand. While the term ‘service design’ may not be as widely known or used in industry, the western term ‘Design Thinking’ has gained huge popularity in Thailand. What are the drivers and how has that changed the landscape of innovation and design? Dr Khemmiga Teerapong (Bangkok University), Fern Suthasina Chaolertseree (MATSH), Prut Chutika Udomsinn (Founder of Good Factory) and Jett Pisate Virangkabutra bring diverse experiences and points of views on design and creativity in Thailand from academic and practitioner's perspective in private and public sectors. This panel will touch on inception and implementation of service design and the role government policy and digital disruption in driving design and innovation in the country both in public and private sectors. This panel will also explore the paradoxes of design and creativity in Thailand and how it is it different and how tradition has shaped Thailand’s our design and creative cultures. How is Thai way of service design/ design thinking different from western way? What can the world learn from Thailand or Thai’s ways of Thinking?

Khemmiga Teerapong
Khemmiga Teerapong
Bangkok University

Khemmiga Teerapong has been working as a design educator and graphic design practitioner since 2004. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual communication design from Silpakorn University, Thailand and Master of Arts in graphic design from the University of the Arts London, UK. Khemmiga is interested in the design research methodology in graphic design. She undertook a PhD degree RMIT University, Australia. Her PhD focuses on developing research methods for graphic design.

Fern Suthasina Chaolertseree
Fern Suthasina Chaolertseree

Fern Suthasina Chaolertseree is a user strategy consultant under her own small strategy house named MATSH, which means a proper path. Having a background in marketing research with global agency and a master’s degree in Service Design, Fern is blending beauty from both marketing and design thinking fields to reveal generative solutions to the business or social challenges. MATSH’s client includes both private and public sectors; covering in various industries such as FMCG, healthcare, property, energy, social agencies and NGOs. Standing in the middle of different genres and sizes of client, Fern enjoys experimenting in bridging all learnings and exposures to deliver the most possible well-rounded strategy to the market and society.

Prut Chutika Udomsinn
Prut Chutika Udomsinn
Good Factory

Trained as a software engineer and spent the first part of her career in corporate IT, Prut became interested in and practice human-centered design after failing her first startup. Noticing a lack of innovations and technologies in the public sector, in 2015, she started Good Factory, a social innovation labs and consultancy, that work in close partnership with the government and NGOs to leverage new approaches like human-centered design, systems thinking, data science, and behavioral sciences to create social innovation and public service solutions. Good Factory’s clients include Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Justice, and the UNDP.

Jett Pisate Virangkabutra
Jett Pisate Virangkabutra
Thammasat University and King Mongkut University of Technology

Jett Pisate Virangkabutra is a lecturer and innovation consultant with a background in Industrial Design, specialising in Human Centered driven toy and play design. He teaches design and social innovation at various institutions such as Thammasat University and King Mongkut University of Technology. He manages projects and conducts design thinking workshops and training sessions for both the private and public sectors. Currently, his focus is on creating innovation for the public sector. He has worked on projects with Office of Public Sector Development,National Economic and Social Development Commission, Thailand Institute of Justice, UNDP and he is also a member of the teaching community at Stanford’s d school.

A bicycle loaded up with brooms, mops, brushes and a variety of cleaning items for sale on the streets of Thailand. Photo taken by Jett Jett Pisate Virangkabutra