2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

The Emergency Department waiting room: towards a Speculative Service Design framework


Presenting Author(s): Troy McGee, Daphne Flynn, Selby Coxon, Rowan Page
03 February 2021
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This paper describes an experimental, methodological approach to design research that draws upon the methods of speculative design and service design to present the framework of Speculative Service Design (SSD). This framework aims to aid service designers to explore and interrogate the tensions within future service experiences. Its goal is to draw on speculative tools and techniques to present them as a way to explore, extrapolate and evaluate future service experiences. SSD aims to imagine hypothetical service futures before they happen, decoupling design from direct market imperatives and illuminating the capacity that we, as citizens, have to influence its development and deployment.

This paper then presents how this framework has been applied in practice to the Emergency Department waiting room within a practice-based PhD. This example investigates the role of technology in future waiting experiences in the Emergency Department, and is used as a vehicle to proactively reflect on service experience futures before they happen. In doing so, the framework provides designers with a method to unpack the ideologies and philosophies that drive the development and deployment of technology.

Europe (CET): 3rd February 2021 7:15 am to 8:15 am

US (EST): 3rd February 2021 1:15 am to 2:15 am

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Troy McGee
Troy McGee
Monash University

I am an equal parts designer, researcher and maker. I design health futures, services and experiences.

Currently, I am a PhD candidate in Design at Monash University, within an interdisciplinary research lab - Design Health Collab - that is concerned with the future of health and wellbeing. My research is deeply collaborative and crosses disciplines of design, creative practice, healthcare, and emergency medicine. I am motivated by solving complex challenges and working alongside passionate individuals.

Daphne Flynn
Daphne Flynn
Monash University

Daphne is Director of Design Health Collab, Monash Art, Design and Architecture’s Health and Wellbeing lab. Daphne works to encourage collaboration with university researchers, industry partners and medical bodies.
As a Practice Professor, Daphne draws on a broad range of experiences with various design consultancies, as well as a variety of business from small firms to multinational companies.
Daphne’s interest is in applying design thinking methodology to facilitate innovation, particularly in the area of healthcare and wellbeing.
Whether the challenge is considering the ergonomics and ease of use of medtech devices or creating better patient experiences in healthcare organisations, design can play a central role in facilitating innovation and change.
Daphne’s experience includes collaborations with MIME in medtech research, designing the award-winning asthma prediction device X-halo, and investigating a Hospital-to-Home healthcare pilot program for Philips.

Selby Coxon
Selby Coxon
Monash University

Dr. Selby Coxon is the Director of the Mobility Design Lab hosted by the Department of Design at MADA. He holds a PhD, Masters and Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design. His professional career spans over thirty years working for both the corporate sector; Philips Electronics and Schlumberger and private consultancy; IDC and Anglo Nordic Design in Europe, Scandinavia and Australia.

His research interests, especially in his current role, concern improvements and far reaching ambitious interventions in the design of mobility, particularly public transport. Research projects undertaken have been for a diverse group of organisations; Metro Trains Melbourne, Yarra Trams, Volgren, Transdev, General Motors and SNCF (the French National Railway).

Rowan Page
Rowan Page
Monash University

Rowan Page is a lecturer in Industrial Design at MADA and a researcher in the Design Health Collab, an interdisciplinary research lab at the intersection of design and health. His PhD research explored how design research and practice can facilitate greater engagement with the recipients of medical devices, during the formative stages of research and development. Working in collaboration with Cochlear Ltd, this research led to the production of several medical devices and a speculative project exploring the future of cochlear implant systems. Rowan now works on several medical device development projects and has an interest in how design research, practice, and prototypes can aid in medical translational research. His research interests include co-design, speculative design, digital fabrication, emerging technologies and the function of designed artefacts as boundary objects within collaborative and interdisciplinary design projects.

Through his teaching in the third year industrial design program Rowan is involved in several work integrated learning projects. These projects connect students with industry through real-world design projects with partners such as MONA, CSIRO, Orora, ABC, and Monash Health.