2–5 February 2021


Rowan Page

Rowan Page is a lecturer in Industrial Design at MADA and a researcher in the Design Health Collab, an interdisciplinary research lab at the intersection of design and health. His PhD research explored how design research and practice can facilitate greater engagement with the recipients of medical devices, during the formative stages of research and development. Working in collaboration with Cochlear Ltd, this research led to the production of several medical devices and a speculative project exploring the future of cochlear implant systems. Rowan now works on several medical device development projects and has an interest in how design research, practice, and prototypes can aid in medical translational research. His research interests include co-design, speculative design, digital fabrication, emerging technologies and the function of designed artefacts as boundary objects within collaborative and interdisciplinary design projects. Through his teaching in the third year industrial design program Rowan is involved in several work integrated learning projects. These projects connect students with industry through real-world design projects with partners such as MONA, CSIRO, Orora, ABC, and Monash Health.