2–5 February 2021


Student Forum

Welcome to the Student Forum


Presenting Author(s): Judith Glover, Emma Luke, Linus Tan
05 February 2021

Please be aware that multiple presentations will take place during this session commencing at 08:00AM AEDT and share the same zoom link. Check how presentations are clustered in the program spreadsheet when adding the calendar.

Welcome to the Student Forum by Student Forum Chairs: Judith Glover, Emma Luke, Linus Tan

Linus Tan
Linus Tan
Swinburne University of Technology

Linus is doctoral candidate at Swinburne University of Technology, School of Design. His research is on how architects use tacit knowledge (experience and expertise) to improve their business practices.

His approach to solving complex and ambiguous problems is informed by his architectural training, while his execution of solutions is guided by his working experience in coordinating operations for the military, fabrication and design industry.

He applies this unique set of knowledge by helping individuals navigate unknown scenarios to identify business opportunities and does so by running workshops in design thinking, practice management and creative entrepreneurship.

Emma Luke
Emma Luke
RMIT University

I am a designer and researcher currently completing a PHD focused on aesthetics and wearable technology. Passionate about elegant interventions that challenge digital obsolescence and the loss of lasting cultural narratives I have an extensive design background traversing watches, bags, jewellery and wearables. I am currently involved in a series of multifaceted wearable technology projects, focused on intuitive IOT interventions for health and wellbeing.

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Art Direction, Fashion Design, Branding, Marketing, and Fashion. Strong professional with a Current PHD candidate focused in Industrial Design from RMIT University.

Judith Glover
Judith Glover
RMIT University

Dr Judith Glover is a lecturer in Industrial Design specialising in teaching social and sustainable design with a particular expertise in gender and sexuality, the craft/ design nexus, and design for batch production. With a background in the metal trades and industrial design, her particular focus of practice currently is with ceramic production. Her PHD topic focused on the role that Industrial Design processes and methods could play in the future of socio-sexual behaviour and technology through the creation of safer, higher-quality sex toys for contemporary female consumers.

Judith is interested in supervising projects that have either a strong material and process exploration or socio-cultural agenda and that relate to: object design and the craft/design nexus (and particularly ceramic production that explores traditional techniques with new twists of technology and materials); projects that look to explore gender, sexuality or sexual commodities; projects that explore socio-cultural scenarios such as ‘narrative’ through a continual making process; and, projects that focus on design in developing products for batch production.