2–5 February 2021



The Playdate: Exploring how to host a learning exchange


Presenting Author(s): Lisa Grocott, Ilya Fridman
04 February 2021

If we want service design to evolve in conversation with the socio-cultural messiness inherent to the field, we should carve out spaces where we regularly question and explore our practices. This session plays with how we might translate the experiential conference workshop to the workplace. The kids playdate is introduced as an analogous situation for exploring how designers might learn from other designers, intentionally emphasizing how the learning exchange would embody the value of reciprocity and the principles of participatory prototyping. What a parent might call sharing and playing nicely with friends.

Playdate principles create a space for collective experiencing and proposing of how the learning encounter serves us as life-long learners. Distinct from the one-sided dry run of a workshop or the passive case study presentation, the playdate invites guests to show up with their expertise, hard won wisdom, and independent curiousity so we might learn together.

Europe (CET): 4th February 2021 8:15 am to 10:15 am

US (EST): 4th February 2021 2:15 am to 4:15 am

Please Note: This workshop is available to those who have registered and received an email confirming their attendance from the workshop facilitators. We apologise that we cannot accommodate additional participants.

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Lisa Grocott
Lisa Grocott
Monash University

Lisa is the Director of WonderLab and a Professor of Design at Monash University. Before coming to Monash Lisa spent the past 12 years at Parsons School of Design in New York where she was Dean of Academic Initiatives and core faculty in the Masters of Transdisciplinary Design. Lisa’s research examines how the practice of co-design can shift how people see and act in the world. Her interdisciplinary collaborations with cognitive psychologists, education researchers and behavioral change experts has been awarded more than $2.5 million in federal funding and applied industry research collaborations.

WonderLab, a co-creative research lab that designs transformative learning. The research translates evidence-based research into applied interventions, drawing on creative, relational and integrative practices to drive change that holds over time. Lisa is currently exploring how we shift beliefs and practices through her role as chief investigator of an Australian Research Council grant on Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change.

Ilya Fridman
Ilya Fridman
Monash University

Ilya Fridman is a designer, researcher and educator. Working as part of Wonderlab at Monash University, his work explores how we can collectively design for the sustainable development of public products, services, and systems. Ilya’s research simultaneously seeks to understand what may be achieved when various people collaborate creatively to address challenges of sustainability and what role designers may play in helping societies transition towards sustainable futures.

For nearly a decade, Ilya has worked on industry and government funded research projects in the area of Public Transport. As part of these projects, his research considered how emerging technologies may be leveraged to address environmental impact and improve people’s experience. These projects have involved the inclusion of various stakeholders within the creative process.