2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

Human Centred Service Design in the context of sport participation


Presenting Author: Iva Halacheva
04 February 2021

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The positive impact of sport participation is well researched and documented worldwide and the results are nothing short of amazing. Some of the major social challenges in contemporary societies have been successfully tackled through sport: mental and physical health, job creation, poverty alleviation, community development and crime prevention to name a few. Yet, the communities most impacted by the above-mentioned challenges have been historically the hardest to recruit and retain by sport clubs and organisations.

This paper examines the application of Human Centred (HCD) and Service Design to both address the challenges of recruitment and retention of vulnerable and marginalised communities and to drive systemic and positive social change.

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Iva Halacheva
Iva Halacheva
University of Melbourne

Iva is a curious human and a Service Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Iva spent many years leveraging behavioural insight to drive growth, working for and with big brands across the world. She is focused on understanding the genuine motivations driving human behaviour and on developing win-win outcomes for all stakeholders in the system.
Iva is well versed in qual and quant research and data analytics, design thinking, service and experience design and innovation.
She has experience in the following industries: FMCG, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Logistics, Sport.
She is often found in the great outdoors cycling, horse riding, snowboarding or sailing.