2–5 February 2021


Regional Panels

景気減速社会のためになる"サービス"は何だろうか: How to reframe ‘service’ values in a Japanese de-growth society?


Presenting Author(s): Yuki Uchida, Koki Kusano, Momoko Tamada, Proffessor Daijiro Mizuno, Proffessor Masano Takeyama
05 February 2021

While Japan is the third largest economy in world, following China and the US, paradoxically, over the last 20 years, its economy has been under general degrowth due to increasing ageing population and severity in natural disasters. This means the modern agenda for rapid expansion and economic progress can no longer be the primary aims. The Japanese panellists – Yuki Uchida (Re:Public); Koki Kusano (Merpay and Keio University); Prof. Daijiro Mizuno (Kyoto Institute of Technology) and Prof. Masano Takeyama (Keio University) – bring their rich and varied professional experiences to re-frame what ‘services’ means in a culture that sets the global standard for service excellence that is paradoxical in being respectful and inflexible. They have assembled to share what other what 'services' are needed for a meaningful society when resources and population are diminishing? They aim to share their thoughts on building services and systems upon deep rooted practices, cultures and thoughts in Japan.

Yuki Uchida
Yuki Uchida
Urban designer and Senior director in Re:public Inc

Yuki Uchida graduated from Waseda University with bachelor degree in Architecture. After working as a media producer at Recruit Ltd., she majored in Sustainable City Design at Ferrara University graduate school in Italy in 2012. She was involved in regional planning projects in Italy, Brazil, Chile, Vietnam etc. as well as UN Sustainable City Alliance Project in the Brazilian Government. Also, she took part in a project to produce participatory guidebook: “Fukui-jin:People in Fukui” in 2012, as a founder.

Yuki was involved in the establishment of Re:public in 2013. She is a founding director of “Innovation Studio Fukuoka” which program to promotes citizen innovation in Fukuoka, “make.fukui” including XSCHOOL, a design school and project incubation program for young innovators and local industries commissioned by Fukui city. She has also managed foresight programs with a R&D department in several companies, universities and so on. She appointed as a regional revitsation evangelist by the Cabinet Office in 2017.

Koki Kusano
Koki Kusano
UX Researcher, Merpay, Japan

UX Researcher in Merpay, Inc. He studies tools and methods for supporting Human-Centered Design approach (Ph.D. in SDM), and apply them to the practice field as a UX researcher. He has various work experiences related to R&D of the design method, UX consultant, UX research. HCI Research Fellow in Mercari R4D. Lecturer for the master course at Keio University.

Daijiro Mizuno
Daijiro Mizuno
Project Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology KYOTO Design Lab

Project Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology KYOTO Design Lab

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance

After studying MA and PhD at Royal College of Art (Fashion Design), Daijiro currently works at Kyoto Institute of Technology / Keio University on Transdisciplinary Design. Recent works include:
• explorations of digital, bio and sustainable fashion design as speculative design (presented at Global Fashion Conference 2018)
• visual, auto and team ethnographic research on the life course of a father (myself) with a partner with terminal cancer and an infant. His latest work, TRANSITION (co-directed by Kana Ohashi) was presented at International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam (IDFA 2019) and shortlisted. https://medium.com/documentary-film-transition/transition-as-a-research-project-97a8d4f69ac3

Other works:

Algorithmic Couture Beta

My ex-student’s work at KEIO SFC, awarded a special prize from H&M Global Change Award

Masanao Takeyama
Masanao Takeyama
Keio University

Masanao Takeyama is a professor of service design at the faculty of economics, Keio University. Takeyama has been developing methods and techniques for service design and behavioural design to apply these to business practices. He has been directing many joint research projects with Japanese global corporations including Toyota, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Sony. He has been the co-representative of Service Design Network Japan Chapter since 2013. Takeyama also founded ACTANT, Inc., the Japanese first service design consultancy to help organizations in various fields for developing innovative services and businesses. Besides the research and practices, he has been also assisting the Cabinet Office of Japanese Government to innovate public services.

A vending machine in Japan for selecting a variety of soba and udon noodle bowls. Photo taken by Yoko Akama