2–5 February 2021



Behavioural Design for positive impact


Presenting Author(s): Fiona Meighan, Harriet McDougall
04 February 2021

Behavioural Design is the practice of understanding cognitive biases and human motivations to design interventions that influence a change in behaviour.

In a world where we have witnessed the impact of the unintended consequences of influencing human behaviour, MAKE and STREAT have teamed up to explore behavioural design to help create positive impact for people and the planet.
In this dialogue-based and thought-provoking workshop, we investigate the ethics of design and strategic interventions underpinned by Behavioural Design in the context of nudge actions and habits with the intention to benefit individuals, society and the world.

We explore Behavioural Design by incorporating our understanding of human cognition and unconscious processing into a human-centred approach for positive impact. We will discuss case studies and ethics and get hands-on with exploring many questions arising from this engagement.

This workshop will:
• Give participants an understanding of the fundamentals of Behavioural Design and how it can be utilised in a range of contexts
• Explore how human cognition and unconscious processing influences our decision-making
• Give examples of key tools and frameworks to nudging helpful new behaviours
• Explore the ethics of behavioural design

Please Note: This workshop is available to those who have registered and received an email confirming their attendance from the workshop facilitators. We apologise that we cannot accommodate additional participants.

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Fiona Meighan
Fiona Meighan
Chief Eco Innovation Officer at STREAT; Director of Innovation Practice at MAKE Studios

Fiona is an accomplished human centred designer, strategist and innovation leader. As a psychologist, Fiona has always been passionate about insight-led design to achieve positive solutions and has led and mentored several design teams. Fiona currently leads STREAT’s Green Team, working on everything from large urban agriculture innovation projects to ensuring STREAT’s 180,000 worms are looked after. She also plays a key strategic role at MAKE Studios particularly in the area of behavioural design and innovation.

With a background in cognitive psychology, Fiona has a passion for understanding the intersection between cognitive, social and contextual factors in decision making and behavioural design, and the ethics that underpin designing for behaviour change. When she’s not working she loves to immerse herself in other cultures, photography and spending time with her family.

Harriet McDougall
Harriet McDougall
Associate Director at MAKE Studios

Harriet is a human-centred designer, strategist, and illustrator with a knack for making the abstract tangible and depth of expertise in design for higher education, government services and social justice.

As Associate Director at MAKE Studios, her passion is for helping organisations cultivate sustainable innovation practices; leading teams through complex, 'messy' challenges by building a clear vision and understanding of clients, culture and systems. She describes herself as a creative pragmatist, meaning she loves to embrace chaos but knows how to bring the strings together and ground thinking in tangible action.

An accomplished illustrator, Harriet’s background in visual communication weaves into the way she approaches research and data synthesis; condensing macro and micro insights into visually engaging stories, visions, prototypes & solutions. In her spare time you’ll find her drawing maps and comics, reading graphic novels, power lifting and drinking chardonnay.