2–5 February 2021


Harriet McDougall

Harriet is a human-centred designer, strategist, and illustrator with a knack for making the abstract tangible and depth of expertise in design for higher education, government services and social justice. As Associate Director at MAKE Studios, her passion is for helping organisations cultivate sustainable innovation practices; leading teams through complex, 'messy' challenges by building a clear vision and understanding of clients, culture and systems. She describes herself as a creative pragmatist, meaning she loves to embrace chaos but knows how to bring the strings together and ground thinking in tangible action. An accomplished illustrator, Harriet’s background in visual communication weaves into the way she approaches research and data synthesis; condensing macro and micro insights into visually engaging stories, visions, prototypes & solutions. In her spare time you’ll find her drawing maps and comics, reading graphic novels, power lifting and drinking chardonnay.