2–5 February 2021


Regional Panels

应对中国多元化的服务设计之道: The Tao of service design in facing pluralities in China


Presenting Author(s): Gao Bo, Associate Professor Hu Ying, Associate Professor Fan Qiangqiang
03 February 2021

This panel will discuss the context of China, a culture with 5000 years, that has developed rapidly in recent decades. Traditional cultures, industries and social organizations are impacted by accelerated influence of on-line and artificial intelligence technologies. The panellists, Associate Professor Gao Bo (Tongji University), Associate Professor Hu Ying (Hunan University), and Associate Professor Fan Qiangqiang (Northeastern University) are researchers examining various service design practices in these areas to discuss tensions, paradoxes and pluralities of what service design could offer. They will cover how to balance the traditional with the modern, relationships between people and technology, and how service design needs to respect and pay attention to create a more human and sustainable futures.

Fan Qiangqiang
Fan Qiangqiang
Northeast University, China

Fan Qiangqiang, Doctor, and associate professor of Northeast University, China. The first outstanding Tutor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Ministry of Education of China, adjunct professor of Hanbat National University of South Korea, Director of The Korean Contents Association, Vice Chairman of ICCC International Academic Conference, Evaluation expert of Industry and Information Technology Commission of Liaoning Province, External audit Expert of The Korean Contents Association.

Gao Bo
Gao Bo
Tongji University

Dr. Gao Bo is the associate professor and master instructor of teaching and researching on service design, media and communication design, healthcare design, sustainable design in the College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University. She has hosted the research projects funded and sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China, Shanghai Municipal Government. In recent years, Dr. Gao devoted herself to the research of women healthcare, active living for elders, and smart community. While proactively speaking and paper contributing in international design research society such as DRS/DMI/CUMULUS/ SDN. She has been a senior visiting scholar in Dentsu Inc., visiting scholar at RIT and visiting lectures in the doctoral program of University of Lapland. Dr. Gao is a Shanghai native, and has research bases in Shanghai and Shenzhen, two of most innovative cities in China. And hosted several joint research programs with the top Asian, European and US universities.

Hu Ying
Hu Ying
Hunan University

Ying Hu is an associate professor and master tutor in the School of Design at Hunan University, a postdoctoral fellow in the College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Hunan University, and a visiting scholar at Queen Mary, University of London. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Design and Arts, and her research focuses on service design and business model, design mind reading and shifting, design strategies and patterns, application and development of new technology service. She has published several articles in international design journals and international human-computer interaction conferences, and is a reviewer of the International Journal of Technology and Design Education, The Design Journal and Packaging Engineering.

Photography by Gao Bo of rural landscape in China with wide river, trees and mountains in the background