2–5 February 2021


Student Forum

Work right: Building a way to work together through Service Design


Presenting Author(s): Nick Jumara
05 February 2021

Please be aware that multiple presentations will take place during this session commencing at 06:45PM AEDT and share the same zoom link. Check how presentations are clustered in the program spreadsheet when adding the calendar.

Formalising the creative process is often wrought with good intentions and the necessity to quantify, package and sell time. When working in strategic and creative design fields, decisions are regularly made about the path to best deliver work that balances both quality and profitability. Is it fundamentally a question of standardisation? Do models that work for the production of more tangible goods work when approaching creative services? How can we develop a way to work that’s systematic and messy? To bring elements of standardisation in line with what’s best described as the messy parts of the creative process, we set off on an investigation into how we work. Starting with well-travelled roads in Agile and other project management methodologies, we began to incorporate broader ways of approaching work, leaning on more ethnographic and poetic approaches to gather insights into how our small studio might best deliver our services. Through interviews, mapping and group tool creation, we turned customer-centric service design methods on ourselves to create a framework of our process. Fundamentally, we used service design methods to begin answering who we are, what we’re doing, how we’re getting where we want to go and why any of us should care. Not all of the methods worked. Surprisingly, methods that failed provided greater insight than the methods that worked. However, we ended up with a personalised service framework, more robust vocabulary to describe our working methods and a set of tools that resonated with us because we made them – they are still helping us redefine how we work.

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Nick Jumara
Nick Jumara
RMIT University

Nick Jumara is currently Senior Editor at Right Angle Studio. His background is in research, writing and design. Having worked primarily in publishing in New York and Asia before coming to Australia, Nick pursued a Masters in Communication Design at RMIT to investigate how a better understanding of design might lead to new ways of thinking about crafting narratives about people and places. Nick then joined the creative and strategy teams at Right Angle Studio to understand more about branding and urban strategy. At Right Angle, he began to employ Service Design methods to better understand people’s behaviour in cities. Within the development of research methods and tools for better understanding people in cities, Nick turned the lenses of Service Design back on the studio to prompt the development of new ways to understand how we work and how we might best deliver complex creative projects for people and places.

Student Forum poster by Nick Jumara