2–5 February 2021


Satu Miettinen

Satu Miettinen is a professor of service design at the University of Lapland. She works as a dean of the Faculty of Art and Design. For several years she has been working with service design research and authored number of books and research publications in this area. She is working with SINCO service prototyping and simulation research environment. Her research interests are in the areas of service design including the areas of social and public service development, citizen engagement and digital service development. She is PI and co-ordinator in several national and international design research projects funded by European Commision Horizon 2020 program and the Academy of Finland. Satu Miettinen is also an active artist and designer in the area of socially engaged art and ecofeminist photography. She has a long history in artistic work with Namibian and South African communities in crafts and design development work in numerous projects.