2–5 February 2021



Service design meets strategic action: Exploring new tools for activating change


Presenting Author(s): Laura Santamaria, Ksenija Kuzmina
04 February 2021

Design can positively contribute towards the highly complex social, economic and environmental problems we face today. One key area in design for social change is to empower citizens to activate change that disrupts built-in systemic inequalities and exploitative practices. This workshop presents the ‘Action Heroes Journey’, a resource kit co-developed by designers and CitizensUK community organisers to enable active citizen participation in public life. Based on Joseph Campbell’s (2008) Hero’s Journey storytelling framework, the toolkit integrates methods from service design and community organising and is aimed to help users to discover and align their personal values with the future development of their community. Although the resource was co-designed with and for young people initially, the archetypal structure allows the embedding of vernacular goals and meanings – i.e. increasing leadership, participation and co-creation that is meaningful at a personal level. It also connects with other stakeholder’s priorities, for example, NGOs and local government citizen and sustainability strategies. Participants will learn how service design can be used to develop creative leadership capacity and enhancing wider and more diverse engagement in the socio-political sphere.

Europe (CET): 4th February 2021 8:15 am to 10:15 am

US (EST): 4th February 2021 2:15 am to 4:15 am

Please Note: This workshop is available to those who have registered and received an email confirming their attendance from the workshop facilitators. We apologise that we cannot accommodate additional participants.

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Laura Santamaria
Laura Santamaria
Loughborough University

Dr Laura Santamaria is a design practitioner and academic. She specialises in cultural and meaning-making aspects of innovation, with a particular focus on design for sustainability.

Ksenija Kuzmina
Ksenija Kuzmina
Loughborough University

Dr Ksenija Kuzmina is a Programme Director and Lecturer for the MA/MSc Design Innovation programme within the Institute for Design Innovation. Ksenija’s research is in the field of design and service innovation for environmentally friendly and socially viable futures. She is interested in exploring design’s capability to support change in service organisations at the intersection of public, private and third sectors. In particular, her research looks at how service design thinking, human-centered design, and more recently, big data methodologies can be strategically integrated to enable organisations to review, reflect on and reimagine new service models to promote social innovation, well-being and sustainability.