2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

Can design thinking techniques drive citizen engagement in public sector consultation?


Presenting Author(s): Paul Blake, Lisa Marie Dema
05 February 2021

Please be aware that multiple presentations will take place during this session commencing at 06:00PM AEDT and share the same zoom link. Check how presentations are clustered in the program spreadsheet when adding the calendar.

Human-centred design gains ever more traction within the Australian public sector.
But what of the application of design thinking in driving citizen engagement in public sector consultation? Which techniques add the most value?
In a behind-the-scenes look at a design-led public consultation, we (Splendid Studio) evaluate our choice of techniques and review project challenges.

Europe (CET): 5th February 2021 8:00 am to 9:00 am

US (EST): 5th February 2021 2:00 am to 3:00 am

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Paul Blake
Paul Blake
Splendid Studio

Paul is a partner at human-centred design consultancy Splendid Studio. He consults to a range of corporate and public sector clients, regional start-ups, and delivers design coaching Australia-wide.
A journalist by training, he shelved his typewriter and embraced design, building his website in 1995. An innate sense of curiosity soon drove him beyond interface towards a wider systems-based approach.
In his 25-year design career he has driven strong commercial outcomes across business, service and experience design while keeping the customer front and centre.
He spent five years at Transport for London where he was an integral team member in a multi-million pound, and Webby-award winning, digital transformation and expansion.
He led the Melbourne office for pioneering human-centred design agency Hiser and has built service design capability for a diverse range of clients.
Paul is also a frustrated musician, poor-to-average DJ and craft beer nerd.

Lisa Marie Dema
Lisa Marie Dema
Splendid Studio

Lisa Marie is a partner at human-centred design consultancy Splendid Studio, based in the picturesque countryside of Victoria, Australia.

She has two decades of experience in digital transformation, business operations, and organisational change for award-winning technical and creative organisations in both North America and Australia.

Her emphasis is on helping regional councils and companies generate ground-breaking ideas and focus their strategies using design thinking methodologies.

Her passion is in the potential of curiosity: ""How can asking the right questions drive innovation and creativity within organisations.""

Lisa Marie's passion for storytelling, history, and human potential keeps her busy with the restoration of an 1800's old schoolhouse and exploring historical sites around the world.