2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

Towards a unified framework of service transformation elements


Presenting Author(s): Tim Overkamp
02 February 2021

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Service implementation has been receiving more and more attention in both academia and service design practice recently. In order to better study this topic of how services change over time, it is important to understand what different service transformation elements are as well as the flexibility of these service transformation elements. So far, different service transformation elements, such as touchpoints and institutions, have been addressed in research, but mostly in isolation. In this paper, I place these service transformation elements in relation to each other in a framework for service transformation. Such a framework is helpful for both researchers and practitioners, because it helps to articulate the kind of service transformation that is in focus in scholarly and practical service design work as well as to set expectations in terms of what transformations can be realised or studied given the time span of a project.

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Tim Overkamp
Tim Overkamp
Linköping University

When Tim Overkamp moved from product design to service design, he became interested in how service ideas are implemented. This became the topic of his PhD in Design at the Department of Computer and Information Science at Linköping University in Sweden. In his thesis, which he successfully defended in 2019, he developed two perspectives on service transformation that address how services change, as well as how service developers and designers can support those changes. He is currently interested in how organisations can use design as a way of learning, in order to successfully transform their services in a continuous way.