2–5 February 2021



Designing by ear


Presenting Author(s): Courtney McKee, Polly Goodwin, Andrew Ng
03 February 2021

What if your customers’ experience of your service was non-visual? What if you couldn’t rely on sight to design your concepts? What would you let these constraints teach you? How would they change the way you designed for all?

People with disabilities live on the frontier of human experience by necessity. They represent the full spectrum of our shared humanity, with a twist. And harnessing that twist has been the secret sauce of many improvements and innovations.

Join the Vision Australia team in this workshop, which draws upon models and research from the field of service design, psychology and neuroscience, disability studies, and diversity and inclusion practice, backed by the expertise of designers with lived experience.

You’ll get a library of resources and participate in inclusive activities. You’ll experience simulated vision impairment, providing you with a different intellectual, practical and affective viewpoint. Debriefing will enable you to generate and integrate insights.

You’ll walk away with the following:

1.Greater understanding of blindness and low vision.
2.Practical strategies for working with consultants and end users who are blind or have low vision.
3.Evidence for the value of engaging this customer group in the co-design of universally delightful services.

Europe (CET): 3rd February 2021 8:15 am to 11:15 am

US (EST): 3rd February 2021 2:15 am to 4:15 am

Please Note: This workshop is available to those who have registered and received an email confirming their attendance from the workshop facilitators. We apologise that we cannot accommodate additional participants.

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Polly Goodwin
Polly Goodwin
Vision Australia

Polly is a Service Designer at Vision Australia, where, amongst other projects, she led the redesign of services for children, young people and their families. She is also a freelance professional practitioner and researcher of Audio Description (the scripting and voicing of descriptions inserted into visual presentations with the purpose of ensuring that it makes sense from an auditory perspective in order to render it accessible for people who are blind or have low vision). As well as providing AD for clients internationally, she was involved in Vision Australia’s partnership with the Melbourne Fashion Festival to bring audio description to the runway. Previously, she worked for 8 years supporting a member of the British Parliament, the former President of the International Council for the Education of the Visually Impaired (ICEVI) and Vice-President of the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Lord Colin Low, who is himself blind.

Courtney McKee
Courtney McKee
Vision Australia

Psychologist with full registration focused on providing community consultation, clinical supervision, change support, individual and family counselling, group facilitation and facilitated learning. Specializing in human-centred design, disability and diversity, soft skill development, vocational rehabilitation, and research.

Andrew Ng
Andrew Ng
Vision Australia

Positive and inclusive experiences that realise outcomes and social impact. It is what I do. It is a passion that I aim to do more of, for organisations with heart. A strategic thinker who plays nicely with others, I apply user centred design to understand problems and create delightful solutions for people. My work, extends across design disciplines, mediums and channels with expertise that encompasses the managing, leading, and doing of research, insights and design, through to creative and art direction, and optimisation strategy. My focus, is on creating positive and inclusive experiences for the audiences of socially impactful organisations that I am privileged to work with - driven by a desire to help people with need and have a positive effect on the world.