2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

Service tools linking values with technology in a sustainable home refurbishment


Presenting Author(s): Stella Boess
05 February 2021

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Sustainable home refurbishments are part of the many efforts needed in climate change mitigation. This practice note presents service tools that aim to link the residents’ values with the technology they will use after a sustainable refurbishment of their home. This technology will affect their daily living practices. In a recent sustainable refurbishment pilot project, my and colleagues’ role was to advise a building company running this process. With colleagues, I developed service tools to communicate with residents about what the refurbishment would mean for them. The service tools and an initial reflection on each one are presented and discussed here. Two types of tools are presented: tools to support residents in bringing their interests to bear, and tools to communicate with the residents about the new technology. I found that level of abstraction, timing, form and familiarity of the tools to stakeholders affect their effectiveness in the process.

Europe (CET): 5th February 2021 8:00 am to 9:00 am

US (EST): 5th February 2021 2:00 am to 3:00 am

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Stella Boess
Stella Boess
Delft University of Technology

Stella is Assistant Professor, Design for Interaction at Delft University. Stella develops participatory inclusive design tools for designers and non-designers in the domain areas of mobility, sustainability and e-health. She explores how design researchers can use artefacts and processes to support stakeholders in envisioning their own future. She has also developed dissemination advice for beginning design researchers. Stella is frequently invited to lecture, chair events and review scientific publications and has been a council member of the Design Research Society since 2013. She is the Design Research Society Conference 2020 Programme Committee Chair.
In 2003 she earned a PhD from Staffordshire University (UK) with a research and design project on bathrooms for older people. The research inquired into a designer's experience of user-centred designing in this domain. She has worked in product design consultancy and user research for design, both employed and independently. Previously she studied product design at HBK Saar (Germany).