2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

The hidden ‘co-designers’ of service: exploring policy instruments in e-messaging


Presenting Author(s): Adeline Hvidsten
04 February 2021

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Approaching services as sociomaterial constellations might bring to the fore new temporalities and accountabilities in designing, beyond that of the immediate service (Kimbell & Blomberg, 2017). This work-in-progress paper draws on a processual study (Langley, 1999) from Norwegian health care. It is inspired by objectivist strands of Science and Technology Studies (STS), especially Actor-Network Theory (ANT) (e.g. Latour, 2005) it explores in what way non-humans might partake as co-designers in the development, provision and re-design of service delivery: finding policy ideas, legislation and ICT hard at work.

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Adeline Hvidsten
Adeline Hvidsten
Kristiania University College, Oslo

Adeline Hvidsten is Associate Professor of service design at Kristiania University College. She holds a PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship from BI Norwegian Business School, where she explored interorganizational digital collaboration between hospitals and municipalities in public health services. Her thesis focused on the inherent incompleteness of services, consequences for co-design and the role of ICT and politics. Mainly, her research deals with themes of design and innovation, and she is dedicated to the construction of theoretical foundations for studying designing for service.