2–5 February 2021


Short Paper

Designing for informal services: A participatory approach to prevent sexual violence within a university


Presenting Author(s): Bridget Malcolm
03 February 2021

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Universities, alongside many other public and private organisations, are beginning to grapple with the issue of preventing sexual violence and providing effective services to survivors within their context. This article describes a unique participatory design-research project conducted to better understand staff and student perspectives of sexual violence within a university and how to better design services. One of the key findings of this research was the general distrust of formal services and reliance on informal services provided by both the organisation’s staff (employees) and students (users or customers). This provides unique insights into designing services for challenging social issues within an organisation and raises key questions about how service design can better support informal services and the co-production of services by employees and users.

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Bridget Malcolm
Bridget Malcolm
UTS Design Innovation Research Centre

I am a strategic designer, facilitator, educator and researcher working to evolve creative practices to address increasingly complex problems. My work draws on leading design methodologies including systemic design, frame creation, participatory design and transition design to explore problems, propose pathways forward and build alliances for change.