2–5 February 2021



Unblock the tension while implementing service design


Presenting Author(s): Arthur Yeh, Yvonne Yam
03 February 2021

The value of excellent service design can only be realized when it has an organization’s buy-in and is being implemented. Service Designers not only need to focus on designing excellent service but also need to be concerned with the implementation of design, in a smooth and sustainable manner. 

In this highly practical and interactive workshop, we will introduce Ken Wilber's Integral Framework and AQAL map for a smoother implementation of the service design practice. 

We encourage all participants to bring their real-life client/own scenario(s). We will uncover blind spots and explore new possibilities for creating project buy-in. At the end of the workshop, we will co-create a working template/checklist as a reference that helps us proactively address the potential and actual issues we will face during implementation.

Europe (CET): 3rd February 2021 8:15 am to 11:15 am

US (EST): 3rd February 2021 2:15 am to 4:15 am

Please Note: This workshop is available to those who have registered and received an email confirming their attendance from the workshop facilitators. We apologise that we cannot accommodate additional participants.

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Arthur Yeh
Arthur Yeh
Service Science Society, Taiwan

Director of Service Innovation & Design Facilitation l Service Science Society of Taiwan September 2011 –March 2017 Executive Editor of CROSS Magazine September 2011 – March 2017

Yvonne Yam
Yvonne Yam
Meaning at Work Limited

Born in Shanghai, raised in Hong Kong, educated in the United States and Japan, Yvonne is an award-winning executive coach, change facilitator and change agent developer. With more than 18 years of experience, Yvonne is passionate about supporting leaders and managers through change. In her previous role as an in-house APAC Change Manager, focusing on SAP implementations, Yvonne coached and trained 60+ leaders and 100 + change agents/trainers in ANZ, Southeast Asia, Greater China and Japan to transform the APAC business from “local” to “global”, to drive engagement, and to facilitate cross-team/cross-geographic collaboration. Yvonne is also the winner of The Hong Kong Management Association “Trainer of the Year Award” and “Bronze Award – Skill Category”, granted to her in 2014. Yvonne does a number of executive coaching sessions, facilitates strategic alignment and management, cross-team collaboration, communication and presentation skills training, and team building interventions for MNCs and NGOs. Coming from her Business Development and Consultancy background, she is known for her “holistic” style in coaching, facilitation and training. In her practice, she leverages on a wide range of methods/ tools depending on the client’s needs, e.g. 360-degree feedback, psychometric assessment, integral change model, stakeholder analysis, influencing and Robert Kegan’s adult development stages. When Yvonne is not facilitating, training or coaching, she enjoys travelling, spending time with family and friends, and trying new cuisines!