2–5 February 2021


Stephanie Camarena

A systems thinker, Stephanie works with organisations to co-design processes, products or services that integrate life-cycle thinking approaches. Typical outcomes resulting from Stephanie’s work include: - Leaner, more efficient systems of work - System innovation and design break-throughs - Measurable Sustainability progress Her work with local governments and the road maintenance industry has received national recognition in the field of Design for Sustainability including winning Banksia Sustainability awards for Product design, manufacture, use and disposal; Victorian Premier Sustainability Award – Regional Recognition. Stephanie brings a unique style of facilitation and consulting that is characterised by her warm, consultative and relationship-based approach to work in collaboration with others to effect change in complex systems. Coming from a technology and business transformation delivery background Stephanie brings a level of rigour to how she manages and organises stakeholders to solve complex problems with high returns on the effort invested. Now a PhD student in Design Innovation at RMIT, Stephanie is bringing her diverse expertise in Design and Artificial Intelligence to advance the transition to sustainable food systems.